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SSI cycling workshop news

Giving casual cyclists an elite experience

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Thirteen lucky cyclists got to experience the rigours of elite cycling at a cycling workshop jointly organised by the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) and OCBC Cycle 2016 at SSI on Saturday.

SSI cycling workshop

Participants in action during the OCBC Cycle Workshop. Photo: Sport Singapore

The two-part workshop, which started out with a performance assessment, gave the participants a chance to benchmark themselves against world class cyclists while they were put through tests of varying intensities.

The second strength and conditioning part of the workshop next gave the avid cyclists tips on how best to prepare and condition their bodies for race day.

“In the first part, we are putting the participants through a series of tests to access the various energy systems. We thought of doing this because currently the cycling federation is also on a nation-wide talent identification exercise,” said Dr Frankie Tan, Director, Sports Science Centre and Principal Sport Physiologist at the SSI.

“For this OCBC Cycle, we want to tie these together to really create more awareness that what the cycling fraternity is doing at the moment, to generate more interest,” he continued. 

SSI cycling workshop

Participants were put through a series of tests to access the various energy systems. Photo: Sport Singapore

Participant Loh Joo Sin, a casual cyclist, said: “I learnt a lot about my cycling performance. I think the trainers and the coaches here are very knowledgeable so I’m here to learn and I think I achieved my objective today within a short period of time.”

Team Singapore cyclist Serene Lee also praised the work that the Singapore Cycling Federation and the SSI were doing. “I think it’s a pretty new collaboration in terms of having a training squad. What they intend to do with the talent ID program is to get 30 cyclists and have regular training," she said. 

SSI cycling workshop

Team Singapore cyclist Serene Lee (centre) speaks to a participant during the workshop. Photo: Sport Singapore

The national cyclist, who represented Singapore during the last SEA Games, had one piece of advice for these aspiring professional cyclists: “I think consistency is the key here. Especially in our Singapore setting because all of us have to work or study, we’re not full time athletes.” 


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