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muscle shirt technology

German designer creates smart shirt that changes colors and form depending on workout levels

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When working out, tracking your exercise numbers can get overwhelming, especially for those who are new to it. But gym-goers could be soon using the color of their shirt to track how well their workout is going. As reported by Popular Science, the “muscle shirt” was invented by German designer Simone Schramm and displays a second colored under-layer that responds to the wearer’s workout.

It is one’s heart rate that causes the fabric to start tightening itself to reveal its second layer. When it becomes taut, it is meant to assist with the individual’s posture and form while showing that their workout is going well. During the construction phase of the shirt, it was connected to a stepper motor where digital signals where transferred to mechanical movements. The motor would then speed up and slow down to test the fabric’s response. 

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