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ActiveSG-RP Collaboration workout

Bringing fun mass workouts and more to IHL students

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Ever since she left secondary school for Republic Polytechnic (RP), there haven’t been many opportunities for Adeline Goh to exercise.

Physical education is no longer part of the curriculum as it once was in secondary school, and after stepping into tertiary education, students are longer required to undergo the compulsory National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) test.

“Last time I used to [exercise] because I was in secondary school, there was NAPFA and stuff. I would go for intensive training until when I have major exams then I’ll stop training,” the 19-year-old said. 

ActiveSG-RP Collaboration

A new collaboration between ActiveSG and Republic Polytechnic has given students like Adeline a new avenue to continue exercising while engaging in fun and exciting workouts. Photo: Sport Singapore

But with this new collaboration between ActiveSG and RP, it has given students like Adeline a new avenue to continue exercising while engaging in fun and exciting workouts.

“I previously joined with my friend and I find it quite interesting. It’s quite intensive for me because I don’t really exercise too often. And then now, as you can see, I keep perspiring,” she added.

“We learnt through our nationwide surveys that sports participation amongst youths usually dips after they leave the structured school physical education system,” said Chief of ActiveSG Lai Chin Kwang. 

“With RP’s commitment, we seek to reverse the trend and inculcate in youths the zest for sports and fitness activities by creating irresistible sporting opportunities that appeal to them today.” 

ActiveSG-RP Collaboration

Republic Polytechnic students having fun during a BollyDazz workout. Photo: Sport Singapore

The collaboration with RP started in May this year and aims to help students develop a holistic lifestyle under the school’s Life Skills module, and has proven beneficial for students like Adeline.

“When there are these activities in RP, I would go for two times a week. I feel that it is quite effective for me, and I feel like I have lost quite a few kilograms.”

Particularly popular with the younger generation nowadays are dance fitness programmes, with the K-pop dance fitness programme in high demand among youths.

ActiveSG and RP hope that these programmes can inculcate not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a stronger RP spirit and a tighter bond between the students, and judging by recent experiences, the programme seems to be doing just what it intended to.

“We have seen familiar faces week after week and we hope the youths will come back for more – more fun, more laughter and more after-school fitness activities with their friends and new-found sporting kakis,” Chief Lai said.

“Ultimately, ActiveSG aims to cultivate a sporting habit amongst the students that outlasts their academic journey and sustains throughout their lifetime.” 

ActiveSG-RP Collaboration

A BollyDazz instructor leading the workout at Republic Polytechnic. Photo: Sport Singapore

ActiveSG hopes that through its various fun-filled programmes, it can draw more sedentary and inactive people, such as Adeline, to adopt an active lifestyle.

This collaboration with RP will continue for the next two years, and students can look forward to more exciting fitness programmes such as Zumba, Pilates and K-pop dance.

“Besides RP, ActiveSG aims to reach out to other institutes of higher learning, where we can create and add value to the existing area of sports contents, for instance, by lending the expertise of our ActiveSG Academies/Clubs to the CCA/sports interest groups,” Chief Lai said.

“Through sports, we hope to bring the student population closer, build affinity and sense of belonging amongst both the student and alumni population.”


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