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Active Health to be foundation for a healthier Singapore

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Sport Singapore is launching Active Health, a new initiative that will form the basis of all future plans and programmes, in a bid to achieve Vision2030's objective of a healthier population, said Sport Singapore Chief Executive Officer Lim Teck Yin.

World Cities Summit

Sport Singapore is launching Active Health, a new initiative that will form the basis of all future plans and programmes. Photo: Sport Singapore

Speaking on the sidelines of the World Cities Summit at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on Tuesday, Lim said: “We have designed Active Health to be a foundation for all of our programming.”

“What we want to be able to achieve through Active Health is that youth, working adults and seniors will be able to own their health management. So even as they participate in sports and physical activities, the Active Health framework helps to ensure that there is a positive dividend.”

“Exercise is one piece of the puzzle towards better health. I think the ideas of sleep management, nutrition and stress management are all part and parcel of the larger equation.”

A plan as far-reaching as this requires massive effort, and the cooperation of different organisations and agencies is needed for it to be effective. 

World Cities Summit

A Sport Singapore staff, Pauline Lee (left), hosting a visitor at the Sport Singapore booth during the World Cities Summit. Photo: Sport Singapore

Lim said Sport Singapore will work with mutliple agencies including Health Promotion Board and infrastructure developing agencies to implement Active Health.

Director of Public Utilities Board, Yong Wei Hin, also agreed that inter-agency cooperation is crucial in developing a healthy, liveable Singapore.

“As Singapore strives to be a smart, sustainable and liveable city, inter-agency collaboration is vital in developing urban solutions,” he said.

Active Health is part of Vision 2030, Singapore's 20-year roadmap in using sport to live a better and healthier life.

“Through Vision 2030, Sport Singapore hopes that our strategy to deliver the value of sport, will enable Singapore to be a better home for all Singaporeans as we strive to live better through sport,” Lim said.

“It is the participation of the entire population through the different programmes that we run, that we will be able to achieve the outcome of a liveable city.”




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