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Active Enabler: Building an inclusive society through games

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Society Staples will launch the inaugural Giant Games Festival on 5 and 6 August at the National Youth Council Red Box as part of the week-long GetActive! Singapore festivities celebrating National Day.

The festival will be centred on the three key thrusts of Community Integration, Social Awareness and Sports, and will feature a range of activities from disability simulation exercises to sports try-outs such as Poolball and Giant Air Hockey.

Despite much effort in education and public awareness, there still exists misconceptions about Persons with Disabilities (PwD), and Society Staples aims to correct these misunderstandings.

“The Festival aims to bridge gaps between marginalised communities and the general public, serving as a platform to foster interaction and integration between everyone,” said Debra Lam of Society Staples.

During the festival, there will be information boards on each marginalised group that will address common misconceptions, and provide information about these communities.

There will also be stations where the public can participate in disability simulation try-outs, putting their feet in the shoes of a person with disability for a short while.

Aligned with the theme of National Day 2016, Building our Singapore of Tomorrow, Singaporeans will also be encouraged to make a commitment to the better tomorrow that they want.

Participants will be able to make inclusivity and forward looking pledges to signify that commitment and also to proclaim their acknowledgement that everyone has a role to play in shaping Singapore’s future, whatever one’s physical or mental ability may be.

“At Society Staples, we envision an inclusive future where every Person with Disability can maximise their potential and be embraced as an integral member of society,” Lam said.

“We believe that by creating inclusive platforms and utilising sports as a channel to bridge gaps between PWDs, other marginalised groups and society, we break down barriers and increase the exposure among these groups.”

“The outcome? Building a more inclusive society.” 

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