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Active Enabler: Achieving social inclusion through sports

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As part of the Get Active! Singapore and National Day celebrations, SportCares and Tuas View Dormitory (TVD) are organising GAME ON (Get Active, Meet Everyone, One Nation), an event that facilitates formation of friendships and shared experiences among Singaporeans and international friends through sports and games.

The event, which is happening on 7 Aug 2016 (Sunday), will see the participation of 300 Singaporeans and 300 international friends comprising migrant workers and expatriates.

These different groups will come together to take part in a series of Amazing Race style challenges, consisting of about 30 games in total.

Bringing together three different groups of people with different upbringings and cultures is no easy task, and getting them to undergo challenges and games will no doubt be a trial on its own.

“We do recognise that there are going to be challenges that we are going to be facing, like language barriers, cultural differences, and other things like perception of each other,” said Fayeruz Surahman of SportCares.

“But that’s why the main aim of the game is about social inclusion. We have to recognise that there are pain points before we can achieve this, and we want to raise awareness among our participants that there is no quick fix solution to achieving social inclusion.”

“We must first overcome misconceptions that we have of one another, and that is what Game ON sets out to achieve.”

Fayeruz said the games were specially designed such that it requires Singaporeans, migrant workers and expatriates to work together in order to win.

“Some of the games, the Singaporeans will probably have an advantage. There are some games that require the knowledge and expertise of the migrant workers or expatriates,” he said.

“So it is fair; in each team, they all have to work together and overcome the language barrier. There will be no translators provided.”

“All the barriers are self-imposed and there are ways to break these barriers, and the game is a good platform for them to realise it.” 

Get your Game ON.  To be a participant or volunteer, send in your details to

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