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Classon technology

A smart helmet to keep you safe on roads

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This is what happens when you get some cycling enthusiasts who just happen to be extremely into tech, you get the ingenious and innovative smart helmet Classon. Similar to a car’s light signal indicators to let surrounding vehicles know of your intentions, Classon is the cycling alternative.


Classon’s main goal is to keep the cyclist safe on roads by letting those around you know of your intended movement. For starters, Classon has intuitive signal lights strategically placed around the helmet linked to gesture sensors. By reading your movements -whether a turn to the left or right or braking- the signal lights will light up accordingly without you having to control it manually.

Additionally, Classon’s front and rear cameras scan your surroundings and will notify you of oncoming traffic that is in your blind spot. Lights under your visor will light up notifying you of where the oncoming traffic is coming from. Adding to its convenience, the awkward hole on the side of Classon allows you to secure your bicycle and Classon with the same bicycle lock. Pretty neat huh? 


As with any Smart device, Classon comes with its very own companion mobile application. This allows you to gain access to your ride’s information, video recordings, basic Classon settings and light intensity controls.

For its Kickstarter campaign special, each Classon purchased comes with a six month Classon Club membership. This will give you additional access to newly developed features and software updates in the near future, one for one helmet replacement, video access and GPS navigation.

With this membership, Classon is able to double up as a GPS. Simply sync your Classon with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and input your intended location on its companion mobile application. The directional lights under Classon’s visor will then guide you to your intended location, without you having to lose focus on the roads – easy peasy!

Another perk is access to Classon’s in-built camera, one at the front and another at the back. With safety on the roads as Classon’s paramount concern, it automatically video records your ride which will come in handy in the event of any accident or crime. 


Technical Specifications

Weight: 480g

Battery Life: 2.5 Hours

Charging Time: 2 Hour

Internal Memory: 4GB

Water Resistant: Yes, IP4

Others: Gyroscope and Gesture Sensor

An ingenious innovation, Classon seems to have it all figured out when it comes to cycling and road safety. However, there might just be one small issue – the slightly steep membership price. Without the additional perks from the membership, Classon just does not come off as a truly smart helmet. 


Availability and Price

Classon has already been fully funded and most of its early bird special snapped up. The next Kickstarter pledge starts at SG$203 (US$149), which includes 1 Classon helmet with the full suite of features for six months. International shipping is additional and ranges from SG$20 (US$15) to SG$82 (US$60) depending on your country and number of helmets you order. Shipping to Singapore for 1 Classon helmet would set you back an additional SG$54 (US$40).

The Classon Club membership is priced at SG$135 (US$99) for an annual membership or SG$14 (US$9.99) for a monthly membership. Once the campaign ends, Classon will contact you for your preferred colour and size choice. The helmet is available in 5 colours, Black, White, Orange, Blue and Yellow. With reference to size, it is available in Junior, Medium and Large. All orders look to be fulfilled by April 2017. 


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