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4 ways to be part of GetActive! Singapore

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GetActive! Singapore, the week-long sporting bash that was designed to have us all celebrating National Day together as One Team Singapore – through sport, is almost upon us.

Are you ready to be part of this nationwide activity?

From the Singapore National Games 2016, to the Active Enabler that positively impacts the community, right down to the Children and Families Sports Festival for the whole family island-wide, everyone can get active and have fun. That’s right, you read correctly, EVERYONE can be a part of this extravaganza.

Here are 4 awesome ways that you can get in on the action:

Singapore National Games1) For the die-hard sports fan 

Come and lend your support and vocal prowess to your families and friends as they battle for supremacy in the Singapore National Games 2016. Click here for the SNG2016 schedule and head to the venues to catch the action!

Can’t make it down to the competition venues? No problem! Catch the action LIVE right here on the SNG Facebook page.

2) For the family man/ woman 

Looking to spend more quality time with your children and loved ones? Head on down to the Children and Families Sports Festival. Organised over 2 weekends (30 - 31 July and 6 - 7 August 2016) at 15 ActiveSG Sports Centres island-wide, bonding time has never been more exciting. From fundamental movement skills to get your little ones moving right from the start, to fun sport tryouts, there’s something for the entire family.

3) For the savvy social media guru

Get into the GetActive! Singapore spirit and dress up your social media assets with our online banners. LIKE and follow our MyActiveSG and SNG Facebook pages today and get up to speed with the happenings all over our sunny island.

Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag your awesome pictures and video with #getactivesg #oneteamsg on Instagram and Twitter. Remember to check out the digital social wall after doing so.

Get Active! Singapore - Active Enablers4) For the “siao-on” (dialect slang for enthusiastic) sports fanatic 

Check out the list of events under the Active Enabler programme on our What's On calendar and make it an entire week of sports and fun as you take part in the various sporting activities all over Singapore!

Still not quite sure how you can be a part of GetActive! Singapore or have a nagging question that you need to get off your chest, contact us and we will try our utmost best to clear your doubts. 

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