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BollyDazz workout

Workout to popular Bollywood music with Bolly Dazz

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Just as with Piloxing, Bokwa and KpopX Fitness, Bolly Dazz is a novel dance fitness programme that fuses elements of dance, music and cardio into a fun workout suitable for people of all ages.


Bolly Dazz artistic director and co-founder Jasmine Savla (centre) in action during the ActiveSG Bolly Dazz Master Class session at Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre. Photo: Sport Singapore

Founded by three sisters Anjali, Sejal and Jasmine Savla, as well as Mihir Wani, who is Anjali’s spouse, Bolly Dazz is a modern dance workout that is imbued with upbeat Bollywood music.

The dance fitness programme originated in Mumbai, where Sejal and Jasmine are based, and it has taken off in the United States, Canada, UAE, Japan and several other Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, where Anjali and Mihir are based.

“There were many Bollywood-related programmes around the world, but none of them had a very structured programme and every instructor had their own choreography and it’s pretty random, and because of that, we wanted to bring one style, one format, around the world which has a proper fitness induced programme that is safe and effective,” said Mihir, who is also the CEO of Bolly Dazz.

“It has the components of cardio and resistance training, so it gives a complete body workout and people love it and enjoy it because you don’t even feel like you’re doing exercise,” added Sejal. “It is absolutely fun-based and easy to follow.” 

Bolly Dazz

Participants in action during the ActiveSG Bolly DaZz Master Class session. Photo: Sport Singapore 

Sisters Sejal and Jasmine were both in town to conduct two master class sessions on June 3 and 11 at Pasir Ris and Jurong West Sports Centres respectively.

Commenting on both sessions, Jasmine said: “The response has been really good, and they (public) love Bollywood music and Bolly Dazz. Like Sejal said, it’s easy to follow and fun-based so people are loving it.”

Sejal added: “It’s a lot of effort, but when you see people smiling all over the world, you feel ‘wow’. It just adds so much happiness to your life that you are spreading so much happiness, so it feels good.”


Watch a FaceBook 360 video here.


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