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Train your backspin like a pro

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Love the sport of ping pong, but run into the trouble of finding like minded buddies to train with, or find it difficult to arrange for practice sessions? Invented by a pair of brothers who are ping pong enthusiasts themselves, Trainbot is their solution to ping pong being a sport where you must have a second player.


Image Credit: Trainerbot

It is able to play, train and be programmed to suit your level of skill, no matter where, when and how. Trainbot boosts three features, trajectory range at of -15 to 25 degrees, 3 default spins and directional control, to better simulate a game of ping pong you might have with a second player.

Being a Smart robot ping pong trainer, Trainerbot comes with a companion mobile application which holds all the feature controls of the Trainerbot. Create your own training runs, programme spins and type of shots, and practice drill sequences from other members of the Trainbot community. Never experience a dull game of ping pong ever again. 


Image Credit: Trainerbot

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 32(H) x 16(W)

Weight: 1.2kg

Ball Capacity: 30 ping pong balls

Shooting Frequency: 0.5s to 3.0s

Colour: Black

Compact in size and light enough to fit into a standard backpack and carry around, the Trainbot could perhaps revolutionise the way robots are used in sports. One thing is for sure, training for the next ping pong session with your buddies or a friendly competition, will take on a whole new meaning with the Trainerbot. 

Image Credit: Trainerbot

Availability and Price

Although already fully funded, the Trainerbot still has some early bird pledges up for grabs. The Trainerbot comes in two pledge variants, the Basic and Pro. The Trainerbot Basic pledge is priced at SG$446 (US$329), this would get you 1 Trainerbot robot, 1 power cord and 30 ping pong balls. The Trainerbot Pro pledge on the other hand, is going for SG$541 (US$399). This pledge package includes 1 Trainerbot robot, 1 Trainerbot stand, 1 power cord and 60 ping pong balls. It is only available in Black and international shipping comes with an additional flat-rate cost of SG$68 (US$50). All orders look to be fulfilled by March 2017.


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