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Aira technology

Meet the world's first massage enabled hoodie

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Targeting specific muscles and common pain points, AiraWear is the world’s first massage hoodie that will help alleviate pains on your upper body through the use of ultra-thin acupressure technology, and corrects your posture at the same time. AiraWear is designed for the office crowd who sit for long hours in front of the computer. 

Image Credit: AiraWear

The designers of AiraWear have seriously taken into consideration its overall look, and have designed it to be inconspicuous when in an office setting. Hence, for those who are not fans of the comfortable hoodie, AiraWear also comes in a similar functioning vest which you can wear under a blazer or cardigan.

AiraWear’s main focus is to relieve tension from your upper to lower back. Both hoodie and vest are equipped with the quadfecta of pressure relieving features, six inflatable massage modules, inflatable posture correctors, pressure point relaxers and body compression modules to melt the stress and tension away. 


Image Credit: AiraWear

The AiraWear is easily controlled when connected via Bluetooth with its companion mobile application. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The hoodie and vest are connected with With a simple and straightforward to use its companion mobile application allows you to choose your massage based on level of intensity, duration and pain points.

With built-in posture tracking systems, AiraWear keeps track of your posture in real time. Once a poor posture is detected, the AiraWear automatically inflates certain parts correcting your posture.


Image Credit: AiraWear

Technical Specifications

Material: Water-resistant cotton and polyester fabric

Battery: 1,800mAh

Usage Time: 3 to 6 hours

Charging Time: 1 to 2 hours via Micro-USB cable

Weight: 1.2kg

OS Compatibility: iOS 9 and above, Android 4.3 and above

The only possible concern with AiraWear would be questioning its actual usability, yes it is portable and cost-saving, but will it really be able to address those knots on your shoulders. Especially for those who are accustomed to massaging and prefer a heavier or harder touch, the AiraWear might not be able to mimic that level of desired pressure.

Availability and Price

AiraWear has already been funded and its early bird pledges snapped up. Next in its pledge line-up which consists of an AiraWear Massage Vest that is available only in Grey is priced at SG$161 (US$119). The pledge for AiraWear Massage Hoodie on the other hand will set you back SG$202 (US$149) and is available in Navy, Black or Grey.

Shipping to the U.S. is free, Canada at SG$20 (US$15) and to the rest of the world including Singapore at SG$27 (US$20). All orders for the AiraWear look to be fulfilled by November later this year.


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