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I lock it technology

I lock it

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Lock it, secure it and keep that prized bicycle of yours with I LOCK IT. The world’s first ever fully automatic bicycle lock that not just keeps your bicycle safe but also Smart. The device is permanently secured to your bicycle, locks and unlocks itself when it senses that your paired Smartphone is within distance via Bluetooth technology. 

I lock it

Image Credit: I LOCK IT

This means, no more keys and no more hassle of locking your bike when out for a spin or trip to the grocers. Just hop off your bicycle, I LOCK IT will secure your bicycle automatically through the use of Bluetooth technology when you walk away from the bicycle. Likewise, it will automatically unlock itself once you are in proximity of your Bicycle as well.

I LOCK IT takes security of the bicycle seriously, it is built with a 64 mm² thick stainless steel bolt that secures your wheel, preventing it from being stolen and making sure the bicycle is immobilized. In the event that anyone tries to cut this bolt or even so much as lift it up, an 110dB loud alarm will sound and a notification will be sent to your Smartphone via Bluetooth to alert you of a potential threat. 

I lock it

Image Credit: I LOCK IT

In the event that your Smartphone’s battery is depleted, you will still be able to lock or unlock your Bicycle using a special pass code that you can configure on its companion mobile application. In addition to that, I LOCK IT’s companion application will record the last place that your bicycle was parked and the option to share the access of your locked bicycle to a friend.

Its design might look simple but I LOCK IT is anything but that. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, durable, weather resistant even under snow or rain, weighs a mere 500g and uses encrypted Bluetooth technology to ensure that every device has its own unique digital key. 

I lock it

Image Credit: I LOCK IT

Availability and Price

I LOCK IT has already been funded and pledges for it start from SG$137 (€89) for one bicycle lock. International shipping is at an additional charge that ranges from SG$23 (€15) to SG$31 (€20), shipping to Singapore would cost the latter. All orders for I LOCK IT look to be fulfilled come January 2017.


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