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Olympics medals technology

How the medals for the Rio Olympics are made

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On August 5th, the nations of the world will unite (and simultaneously compete) in the 31st edition of the Olympic Games. The games are to be held in Rio de Janeiro — Brazil’s second most populous municipality, and the home of more than 6 million Brazilians who will be witness to more than 10,000 athletes jostling for the distinction of “Greatest in the World.” To say that there is hype for the games would be a dramatic understatement.

In preparation for the games, the Rio 2016 Olympic committee on June 15th released a video of the Rio medals being produced and provided a peek into what the medals will look like. Like the laurels of Olympic games past, gold medals will be 525 grams of silver plated with six grams of pure gold; silver medals will be 525 grams of silver; and bronze medals will be a similarly-weighted mixture of copper, zinc, and tin. 

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