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Team Singapore & Singapore Kindness Movement - Working Out For Good

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skm smiles group shot

Team Singapore athletes earning meals for beneficiaries at the S.Smiles event. Photo: Sport Singapore


In conjunction with Singapore Kindness Movement, 30 Team Singapore athletes from the national canoeing, netball, sailing, shooting and swimming teams took part in the S.Smiles event, organised by Siglap South Community Centre Youth Executive Committee (SSCC YEC), at Kallang Wave Mall on Saturday.

The S.Smiles event is a fitness challenge where participants go through a series of 17 sports stations, to accumulate points, which will then be converted into meals for the underprivileged families.

“I was invited to this S.Smiles event, where I can participate in the various sports stations to earn points. For every 12 points earned, a meal will be donated to the beneficiary,” said netball player Parveen Nair.

Our Team Singapore athletes relished the chance to test themselves against each other and raise meals for the beneficiaries. In the spirit of friendly competition, we saw the canoeists putting in their full effort as they set “records” at many of the stations.


skm smiles tan chin chuen canoeist

TeamSG Canoeist Tan Chin Chuen breaking records at one of the many sports stations. Photo: Sport Singapore


Above all, it was a chance for our athletes to show how they could improve the world through kindness.

Kindness can take shape in many forms, and it can mean different things to different people. For the two Rio-bound sailors, Justin Liu and Denise Lim this is what kindness means to them:

“Kindness is about helping other people. If we helped each other, the world will definitely be a better place.” – TeamSG sailor, Justin Liu

“Kindness to me means doing something for another person and hopefully everyone will follow what we are trying to achieve today.” - TeamSG sailor, Denise Lim


skm smiles justin and denise

TeamSG Sailors Justin Liu (L) and Denise Lim braving every station to do their part at the giveback event.  


TeamSG canoeist, Chistine Chia and TeamSG shooter Teh Xiu Yi also expressed their thoughts about kindness:

“Kindness in our day to day lives is just doing the simple things. Giving up your seat in the MRT or giving way to someone who is elderly or someone with disabilities.” – TeamSG canoeist, Christine Chia

“I like to see them smile and it makes me happy after helping them.” – TeamSG shooter, Teh Xiu Yi

Besides being excellent sportsmen, it seems that our athletes are full of compassion for the less fortunate and all of us could do well to emulate them.



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