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U.S. cycling team to sport these Kickstarter-funded smart glasses at Rio 2016

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Solos Smart Cycling Glasses

Sunglasses are a crucial, yet under appreciated component of a cyclists tool kit. So, Boston-based Solos worked with the U.S. Cycling Team to create the perfect pair of sunglasses, one that not only blocks the sun, but displays real-time metrics.

They came up with the Solos Smart Cycling Glasses, which look like a pair of Google Glasses from a couple of years ago, but in the form of sunglasses. The sunglasses come with both an audio and visual component that relate to whichever metrics the biker wishes to know in real time.

The upper right hand quadrant of a cyclist’s field of vision is dedicated to whichever meter they wish to see, whether that be speed, cadence, heart rate, calories distance, elevation or power.

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