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Up close and personal with the one millionth ActiveSG member

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Chua Sai Wei was initially a little sceptical about the benefits of signing up for the ActiveSG membership, but he became a convert when he realised the full extent of the benefits.

On 15 March 2016, Sai Wei signed up to be an ActiveSG member, and in doing so, he became the one millionth member of the vastly popular national movement for sport. 

The millionth ActiveSG member
ActiveSG's one millionth member, Chua Sai Wei, playing badminton at Toa Payoh Sports Hall. Photo: Sport Singapore

“I heard of ActiveSG from my friends who love gymming a lot. Back then, I didn't ask too much about it. All they said was that if I sign up for it, gymming is free so I thought it was only free for gym, hence I didn't sign up for it,” the 20-year-old said. 

“The second time I heard of it was after I graduated from polytechnic. My friends asked me to join them for swimming and told me that ActiveSG can be used there and that's when I signed up for it," he added.

For Sai Wei, who leads a highly active lifestyle, the ActiveSG membership has been extremely useful as it has given him free credits, as well as subsidies on various sporting programmes.

“For me, the best feature of this membership is the free ActiveSG $100 credit for me to use or book facilities,” the Singapore Polytechnic graduate said.

He enjoys playing sports such as basketball and badminton with his friends, and has different cliques for the different sports that he plays, but he still faces challenges in rallying friends to join him in his active lifestyle initially.

The millionth ActiveSG member

Sai Wei (right) and his friend enjoying a game of badminton. Photo: Sport Singapore

Sai Wei, however, soon found ways to overcome their reluctance by using peer pressure techniques to persuade his friends to join him in his sporting activities.

“I will try to find some people who are active to play something more interactive or fun like basketball or badminton,” he said.

“As such, the number of people attending increases the pressure on those who don't want to.”

“If the majority joins the activity and the minority doesn't, they will feel left out.”

Sai Wei was pleasantly surprised when he learnt that he was the one millionth ActiveSG member, and also delighted that he could receive so many benefits just by leading an active lifestyle – something he had been doing throughout his life.

The millionth ActiveSG member

Sai Wei still can't believe that he's the one millionth ActiveSG member. Photo: Sport Singapore

“Actually I still couldn't believe I was the millionth member. Overall, I was very surprised and happy as I now receive free gifts and free credits just by exercising.”

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