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Top 5 fitness wearables of 2016

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With a few hundred different fitness wearables now available, we are spoilt for choice. However, not every fitness wearable is built the same and each has its unique set of features catering to different types of sporting needs. Let this be your one definitive cheat sheet into fitness wearables and when deciding which fitness wearable would better suit you.

1. Misfit Ray 


Possibly one of the most stylish fitness wearables in the market now, Ray is minimalistically designed and could easily pass off as a bracelet or necklace while still tracking your daily activities accurately. Ray tracks steps, calories burned, distance, sleep quality and duration, as with most basic fitness wearables. In addition to this, it has a unique activity tagging feature that can track specific sports like swimming, yoga, basketball and soccer just to name a few.

The only fault of Ray would be that it does not have a digital display, which means that you would need to access its companion mobile application to check on your daily progress. 


Best Suited For: Those looking for a basic all-round fitness wearable that can be worn for black tie events.

Availability and Price: Ray will be available in the coming weeks in Carbon Black and Rose Gold. Retailing at SG$138 (US$99.99) for the Sport Band and SG$165 (US$119.99) for the Leather Strap version.

2. XMetrics Fit And Pro 


Image Credit: XMetrics

Moving away from running (which most wearables have been programmed for), XMetrics tracks your swimming techniques in the form of real time audio-feedback. Specifically built for swimming enthusiasts of all levels, the XMetrics secures itself behind your head and gives you an advanced analysis of your swim. Similar to having a coach with you by the pool giving you cues, XMetrics coaches you by giving you real time audio-feedback.

The Xmetrics comes in two versions Fit and Pro, like what its name suggests Fit is for leisure swimmers who want to perfect their swimming and Pro for competitive swimmers. Both devices measure time, stroke, SWOLF Index, lap and pace related numbers. Additionally, the XMetrics Pro measures breath count, turn total time, stroke index efficiency, distance per stroke and stroke frequency.

Best Suited For: Swimmers of any level, whether competitive or leisure swimmers who want to perfect his technique.

Availability and Price: XMetrics Fit is available in Yellow at SG$276 (US$199.99), while XMetrics Pro comes in Blue at SG$413 (US$299.99).

3. Fitbit Blaze 

Fitbit blaze

Blaze is Fitbit’s latest addition to its arsenal of fitness wearables that combines both fitness wearable and Smartwatch into one. It features HR monitoring, GPS, FitStar, automatic tracking of sporting activities and other basic fitness wearable features. A nifty feature would be the FitStar personal trainer application which coaches you on workout sets with detailed instructions and animated images which can be viewed on your wrist.

Doubling up as a Smartwatch, Blaze keeps you up-to-date with calendar alerts, calls, messages and even as a personal alarm clock and has an option for either a leather stainless steel strap to match the occasion without looking like an obvious tech device. A major plus point would be its battery life, even with a high-resolution colour touchscreen display, it is capable of running for 5 days with a full charge. 

fitbit blaze

Best Suited For: Any fitness executive who takes heart rate training seriously and want to be kept abreast of their latest email or social media notifications at the same time.

Availability and Price: Blaze retails for SGD$276 (US$199.95) and comes with a Classic Elastomer band, choose between Black, Blue and Plum. Leather and stainless steel bands are sold separately at SG$138 (US$99.95) and SG$179 (US$129.95) respectively.



MOOV NOW is a fitness tracker but one with a slight twist that it is more of a personal training coach rather than just simply tracking your exercise regimes. It currently covers exercises like running, walking, swimming, boxing, cycling and 7 minute workouts. It talks to you when you are working out, coaches you, had planned workout sets, counts your reps and gives you workout summaries.

The only drawback of MOOV NOW might be that it does not have a digital display and you would need to refer to its companion mobile application on your Smartphone for any of its personal coaching applications. 


Best Suited For: Those who have just started their fitness journey and might need a little push or some inspiration for their fitness regime.

Availability and Price: MOOV NOW is available in four colours Fusion Red, Aqua Blue, Blizzard White and Stealth Black and retails for SG$110 (US$79.95).

5. Garmin Vívoactive HR 

Image Credit: Garmin

This one fitness wearable is best suited for those who really know what they want and are avid fitness enthusiasts is the Garmin Vívoactive HR. Aside from the basic functions built into the Vívoactive HR, it performs well for both indoor and outdoor sports. These include golf, swimming, rowing, skiing, cycling and running since it has an built-in accelerometer and GPS - which also means that it is able to operate without needed a constant connection to your Smartphone.

Similar to the Fitbit Blaze, it also doubles up as a Smartwatch notifying you of updates you have received via your Smartphone, a high-resolution touchscreen display and a battery life that can last up to 8 days or 13 hours if GPS is in use.

Best Suited For: Semi-professionals who want to scrutinize their training and want to make every session count. In particular, those who partake in competitive sports like rowing, running, golf, skiing and biking.

Availability and Price: The Vívoactive HR comes in black and retails for SG$345 (US$249.99). 

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