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This smartwatch controlled auto follow drone is doing well on Kickstarter

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Action sport athletes are always looking for the best ways to show off their latest tricks. But this can prove to be a challenge when trying to balance between focusing on the activity and capturing the perfect picture and video. However, with the help of Kickstarter FlyPro is hoping to give users a hands-free opportunity to over come this multitasking challenge.

The campaign of FlyPro XEagle, Smartwatch Controlled Autonomous Drone, on Kickstarter hopes to raise $100,000 by June 13. The company anticipates the “cross-over drone” to keep features of traditional quad copters while adding more excitement to the device.

FlyPro focuses on developing and innovating smart Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), as well as incorporating flight and voice control systems, visual positioning and obstacle avoidance into their products. The company wants users to focus on the sport instead of worrying about recording the moments.

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