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This app-enabled Ping Pong robot could turn amateurs into masters

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app enabled ping pong robot

Alexander and Harrison Chen grew up playing ping pong against one another from a very young age. The brothers became training partners and over time each began to master the other’s tendencies and “epic” shots. When the Chen brothers both moved to different locations around the world to study it became difficult for them to find training partners to master their skills. Alexander and Harrison needed a way to continue their competitive passion for ping pong so they decided they would build a robot to train with while away at school. Starting with a prototype built out of a garbage can, the Chen brothers collaborated during summer and winter breaks using new knowledge to improve their robot.

In February 2016 the brothers were accepted to the Hax Hardware Accelerator and have since made the transition from hobby to full-time investment. Alexander and Harrison have finished their 8th and final prototype and are raising funds on KickStarter to produce and sell the Trainerbot to casual or avid ping pong players.

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