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Team Singapore & Singapore Kindness Movement - A Recipe for Success

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skm nutrition workshop

Team Singapore athletes and Siglap South CC YEC volunteers after an eventful day of making healthy snacks. Photo: Sport Singapore


Over 20 Team Singapore Athletes and 15 Siglap South Community Centre Youth Executive Committee (SSCC YEC) volunteers gathered at the Sports Nutrition Laboratory on Friday to take part in the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).

The group made healthy snacks to be distributed to some of the hawker cleaners to show their humbled appreciation for cleaners’ contribution.

"We’re here to make some non-bake muesli bars for the cleaners at the hawker centres. It’s a give back to them for all the hard work they have put in,” said cooking instructor Ang Sin Hwee.

"Today’s recipe is a very simple one, with no baking involved, just mixing oats, nuts, raisins and other dried foods. So it’s a good combination of protein, carbohydrates,anti-oxidants as well as vitamins and minerals,” continued the nutritionist at the Singapore Sports Institute.


skm khairul and volunteer

TS CP Football captain Khairul Anwar (L) checking out the non-bake recipe with Siglap South CC YEC volunteer Jing Kai (R) Photo: Sport Singapore


Lim Jing Kai, a volunteer for the SKM, felt the act of spreading kindness could generate a ripple effect.

"One person does something good and hopefully when the next person sees or feels it, he or she will continue spreading kindness,” he said.

Another volunteer, Jeslyn Loo, said it was an enjoyable experience.

"It’s actually very fun interacting with the Team Singapore athletes and also interesting to learn what they do when they are not competing or training,” said the avid netball player.

Jing Kai echoed her sentiments saying: “I just met Wei Ming and Khairul, and they are pretty cool to hang out with.”

For the Team Singapore athletes, this was another chance to make new friends and give back to the community.


skm theresa goh and volunteers

TS Swimmer Theresa Goh adding a touch of peanut butter to the muesli bars with Siglap South CC YEC volunteers. Photo: Sport Singapore


“I’m really glad to be involved in events like this. It gives us the chance to be involved in something out of the sporting scene. It allows us to be more in touch with the public,” said Theresa Goh, a Team Singapore swimmer.

Perhaps Team Singapore shuttler Tay Wei Ming put it best when he said, “Everyone has their own ups and downs. We can be kind by lending a helping hand or simply looking out for each other.

“Why not show kindness to each other so that everybody can have a brighter day?”


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