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Piloxing your way to a better you

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Piloxing, a combination of pilates, boxing and dancing, is a modern exercise designed to give you a full workout, improve balance, core strength and stamina.

Jordan Ballard Piloxing Masterclass

Participants of a Piloxing masterclass in action at the Jurong East Sports Centre. Photo: Sport Singapore 

It was created in 2009 by Swedish dancer Viveca Jensen and has taken off in many other countries, including Singapore.

"Piloxing is a cardio class that take boxing combinations and pilates combinations and fuses them together in an hour long fun but hard, difficult and sweaty cardio class," said Jordan Ballard, Director of Education for Piloxing, who was in Singapore to educate the public about the workout.

"The pilates helps someone gain balance and core strength, stability, alignment. But as soon as that begins to burn and it's too much, you push into cardio combinations. The other element is dancing, so boxing, pilates, then dance."

Piloxing, with its high tempo music and dancing combinations, is an exercise programme suitable for all.

"For people who don't like to exercise, the class is fun so it allows you to forget you are working so hard," she said.

Ballard held a masterclass at Jurong East Sports Centre on Saturday to about 500 participants, introducing them to Piloxing as well as Piloxing Barre - which is Piloxing with the use of a bar.

Jordan Ballard Piloxing Masterclass

Jordan Ballard leading a Piloxing masterclass. Photo: Sport Singapore

Trisa Lee, who has been Piloxing for five months now, found the exercise session particularly fun.

"I enjoyed it a lot actually. It helps to train your core, it helps to train your intensity and it helps you to stay focused,” said the 31-year-old.

"It's fun and it's a bit different because it's by the master from the Piloxing Academy so it's a bit more intense but overall it's quite fun."

The session attracted a wide range of participants. 

Jordan Ballard Piloxing Masterclass

Piloxing, a combination of pilates, boxing and dancing, is a modern exercise designed to give you a full workout. Photo: Sport Singapore

"It's my first time Piloxing, it's very powerful. I like it very much," said 60-year-old Nun Zairina. “The exercise, the music, everything is very good."

While Zairina participates in different sports and exercise programmes, the first-timer has found Piloxing more fun than her other activities.

"This is more interesting. Zumba is also interesting, but this is more powerful and interesting,” she said. “Sure, I will come again."

For those interested in trying out this new fun and intense workout, you can sign up for ActiveSG Piloxing programmes. Your free ActiveSG credits can also be used to subsidise the cost of the programme. 

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