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Lighting up your night

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TetraGear is the next generation safety light to help light your path when heading out after the sunsets to remain noticeable. The innovation was put in motion as a means to create a safer environment for those riding scooters, bicycles to wheelchairs and baby prams. 


Image: TetraGear

Through vigorous prototype testing, the team found TetraGear. An innovative safety light that is durable, easy to control, has maximum visibility in the dark and easily mountable to almost anything. It is available in two variants, strip and aerial. The strip like its name suggests, is a strip of TetraGear LED lights that is both lightweight and flexible. The aerial on the other hand is a raised flexible antenna for maximum visibility. 


Image: TetraGear

Pick from six different coloured lights ranging from green, white, blue to even purple to suit your fancy. The brain behind TetraGear is the lightweight light controller which operates by touch-sensor. The controller allows you to power on/off, switch light colours, switch flash modes and to top it all off, TetraGear is waterproof. 


Image: TetraGear

TetraGear is able to mount itself on almost anything, thanks to a unique universal mounting customised clamp. Aside from the mounting clamp, the lights can also be held in place with industrial strength, self-adhesive Velcro. So whether it is a round or square frame you plan to mount the lights on, if you can think it, the TetraGear will fit it. 


Image: TetraGear

Availability and Price

TetraGear’s early bird pledge for the strip is still available with prices starting at SG$137 (CA$129). This includes 2 strip lights, a light controller, battery, charger and mounting accessories. The aerial variant on the other hand is priced at SG$179 (CA$169) and includes, an aerial light, light controller, charger and mounting accessories.

Unfortunately, TetraGear currently only ships to the U.S. and Canada at an additional charge of SG$25 (CA$24). Orders look to be shipped come September later this year.

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