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Give your regular bike a power up

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The common electric bicycle that we are all accustomed to, is about to get a really sleek makeover. Meet the GeoOrbital Wheel, a bicycle front-wheel replacement that converts your seemingly regular bicycle into an electric one - in less than 60 seconds.


Image Credit: GeoOrbital Wheel

GeoOrbital Wheel consists of four main components, the Li-ion Battery, Brushless DC Motor, Aluminium Unibody with Motor Controller and a Flat Proof Tyre. It comes in two different sizes, 26” and 700cc (compatible with 28” and 29”) which fit up to 95% of all regular adult sized bicycles. 


As a newly converted electric bicycle, the GeoOrbital Wheel is capable of speeds up to 32km/h (20m/h) and on a full charge accompanied by some pedal power is capable of a 80km range. In addition to its long list of features, there is also a USB port which allows you to charge your Smart device on-the-go or a port for your bicycle’s light. 


Image Credit: GeoOrbital Wheel

What really fascinates me about the GeoOrbital Wheel is that, it doesn’t require you to change the frame (usually the most expensive component of any road or competition bike), modify or have any external attachments to your bicycle. Instead, it takes the complexity out of the adoption process by having an all inclusive wheel, which transforms your regular bicycle into an electric one in a jiffy. 


Availability and Price

Early bird pledge specials for the GeoOrbital Wheel have mostly been snapped up, the next pledge package in line that consists of one GeoOrbital Wheel is priced at US$699. International shipping is at an additional flat rate charge of US$140. It will be available in Silver, Red, White, Black, Blue and Green. All orders for the GeoOrbital Wheel look to be fulfilled by November later this year. Additional accessories like the Li-ion battery can be purchased separately and at a later date. 

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