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England national team to use Premier League player tracking data in Euro 2016

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With the Euro 2016 just over two weeks away, England announced a new, and unprecedented data sharing initiative with the Premier League. Their coaching and medical staff now has access to vital player tracking metrics, which they have never been able to use before. Dr. Ian Beasley, the head of the FA’s medical staff, and Gary Lewin helped to strike a deal with all of the Premier League clubs. 

England head coach Roy Hodgson, has very little time to cut down his provisional 26-man roster to 23, before his team heads to France. The Premier League data will now allow England to better understand who is fit enough to make the squad. They have access to statistics from training and matches throughout the Premier League season. This data will help Hodgson assess if players have progressed from injuries they might have sustained during the rigorous season. 

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