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Tom Emrich technology

Discussing the future of wearables with one of the world's foremost experts

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Tom Emrich

Recent AMAs within the SportTechie Slack Community (STHQ) have brought some exciting heavy-hitters into the mix, but I was beyond ecstatic when Tom Emrich joined STHQ for a discussion about wearables. For those that don’t know, there may not be an individual who’s more passionate and excited about the future of wearable technology than Tom. In fact, that’s how he introduced himself during the AMA. 

“Well I call myself Wearable Tech’s biggest fanboy, but I think the professional term is “Wearable Tech Evangelist”.

Tom is a writer, a consultant and a community builder who uses his love for emerging technologies to educate the world about wearable tech and its potential. He has one simple goal…

“My goal /mission has always been one thing: to bring the future on faster by educating people on the VALUE that tech has in their lives…and making the tech accessible so they get it ….”

Read the full article here. Check out for global sports technology coverage.


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