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Zepp 2 technology

Zepp launches their latest sensory device to help athletes train smart and improve fast

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Zepp 2

As an extremely rusty, former college athlete, a few swings at the batting cage or a wrong turn of the hips on a downswing means a guaranteed spot on the injured reserve for the upcoming fantasy season. My 20 year old football playing self is utterly embarrassed. I whack a few golf balls around, and I’m icing my back for a week.

I showed up to the Chelsea Piers Golf Club last Tuesday to a crowd of almost freezing, yet extremely eager group of Zepp employees ready to show off there new gadget.

Today Zepp is announcing the release of the Zepp 2, the next generation of their sensory based digital training device. The Zepp 2, an even lighter version of its predecessor the Zepp 1, also comes with their updated software for golf and baseball and softball. The new smart coach system allows the user to take just a few swings (bat or golf club) and instantly analyzes thousands of different data points. Everything from mechanics, time to impact, to strength and speed are accurately measured by the Zepp 2.

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