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SpeedX Leopard technology

Worlds First smart aero road bike

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A road bike unlike any other, the SpeedX Leopard is a Smart bike with almost all the fancy features one might one in a bike but still at a pretty reasonable price. What might seem as a relatively simple sport has transformed into a pretty expensive hobby and exercise for some. Competition or customised bicycles can easily cost more than a five figure sum.

SpeedX Leopard

Image Credit: SpeedX Leopard

Here is where the SpeedX Leopard steps in. Packed with hidden Smart technology and enhanced road bike features, the sleek designed SpeedX Leopard still manages to remain somewhat affordable when compared to other road bikes in its class.

The SpeedX features a carbon fibre frame, along with branded Shimano and Vittoria Rubino parts. Carbon fibre was chosen to be used in construction of the frame as it is tougher than most materials, but still able to remain lightweight and dampen vibrations during your ride. How tough is its frame? Hypothetically if you were to meet a crash of rhinoceros and they stampede all over the SpeedX Leopard, its frame might actually still be in one piece. 

SpeedX Leopard

Image Credit: SpeedX Leopard

The real brains and highlight of SpeedX Leopard is its in-built Smart technology packed into a 2.4” HD screen in the middle of your handle bar. This 2.4” screen will display the measurements, give you directions as to which turn to make and display your ride statistics.

The Smart Control is an all-in-one integrated measuring device connected to your Smartphone and attached to your Speed X Leopard. It is capable of measuring GPS trajectory, speed, power, slope, distance, cadence, altitude, calories, heart rate and weather. On a single charge that takes just 30 minutes, the Smart Control can track your cycling progress of up to 800km.

Other features include XCoach, an integrated automatic light and a companion mobile application. This mobile app allows you to have an overview of your cycling, track personal cycling records and look at how you rank among your peers and internationally - some light competition never hurt anyone. 

SpeedX Leopard

Image Credit: SpeedX Leopard

Availability and Price

SpeedX Leopard’s for the basic bike starts from SG$1742 (US$1,299). International shipping carries an additional charge ranging between SG$267 (US$199) to SG$401 ($299), shipping to Singapore will cost the former. Once the campaign is over, pledgers will be contacted to customise their bikes and pick out colours. All orders look to be fulfilled by July this year.


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