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athos workout clothing technology

Wearables aren't going anywhere; in fact, they're going everywhere

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athos workout clothing

We are witnessing a unique state of the convergence of technology and the rest of the world. Wearable technology is no longer limited to fitness bands. We are starting to see it across other products like apparel, player tracking, and even in the balls used in competition. “We are hitting a tipping point where the technology is small enough and wearables have become ubiquitous enough that they are able to converge with other markets,” explains Heather Andrus, Senior VP/GM product innovation, Radius Product Development.

We will likely start seeing the technology less and less, but it will be seamlessly providing data on every aspect of our connected lives. We’ll no longer rely on just a fitness band to help us train smarter. We’ll have sensors in our fitness apparel and RFID chips in our equipment that provide the data and analytics to know how hard we are working, when we need to rest and what skills we need to focus on.

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