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Stephen Curry technology

The ankle bracing tech that helped caused Steph Curry's career resurrection and the Warriors dominant roster structure

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Stephen Curry

Curry sports the Zamst A2-DX ankle braces with his new signature Under Armour shoe. (image via Stack Media)

For an NBA team to go 73-9 the year after winning the NBA Championship, you would presume they are on the fast track to repeating that success in this year’s playoffs. Their 2012 draft of Harrison Barnes at the seventh pick, Festus Ezeli at 30th and Draymond Green at 35 is exactly the type of successful drafting that gives NBA teams young, relatively inexpensive talented players. 

The problem with success in a salary cap sport though is ultimately tough decisions have to be made on who you can keep given the strong likelihood that most championship teams have more talent than the salary cap can afford.

The Warriors were no exception to this as Draymond Green hit free agency (albeit restricted) after the championship run last season. The team already boasted league MVP Stephen Curry, fellow backcourt star Klay Thompson (who himself signed a four year, $70M extension the year before) as well as high- priced players such as Andre Igoudala (12.2M) and Andrew Bogut (12.9M). So it seemed destined the Warriors were going to be the latest victim of their own success and have to split up the star-studded team due to financial restrictions. 

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