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Singapore Sports School open house news

Singapore Sports School: 12 years on

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The Singapore Sports School (SSS) celebrated their 12th anniversary on Saturday with an Open House, giving members of the public an insight into their world-class facilities and unique educational offerings.

While the school was essentially a secondary school when it first started out, it has been continually learning from its experiences through the years and has come a long way since it was established in 2004. 

Singapore Sports School open house

In striving to cater to a group of students as diverse as it had, the school started to offer more academic pathways for its students, empowering them to pursue both sporting and educational excellence at the same time.

“In that sense, we have moved away from a school that is essentially a secondary school, and progressing towards a school that offers post-secondary programmes that allows for through train pathways,” Singapore Sports School Principal Tan Teck Hock said.

“In doing so, we also allow flexibility for day school and evening school. And not only that, the through train options right now articulate to a lot more options that are much broader.”

Singapore Sports School open house

Singapore Sports School principal Tan Teck Hock gives a speech during their Open House. Photo: Sport Singapore

“Even within those options, there is a lot more athlete friendliness that is embedded.”

In 2010, the SSS partnered with Republic Polytechnic to offer a joint diploma course in Sports and Leisure Management that allows for more flexibility to cater to the young athletes' needs.

It also introduced the much sought after International Baccalaureate programme, whereby students are given the flexibility to complete the course in four years instead of the usual two.

Beyond academics, the Sports School has also stepped up their game in sports training and support.

Apart from working with Singapore Sports Institute and National Youth Sports Institute to bring in more sports science, medicine and support for the youth athletes, the SSS has also turned to technology to help elevate their students' performance to a higher level.

“If you look at any swimmer, apart from technique, the starts and the turns form a large component of deciding the race,” Tan said, giving an example of the technology used in swimming training.

“So cameras are mounted, firstly, to make sure we work a lot with the students on their starts and their turns.”

“Number two, is to make sure students develop correct techniques with underwater cameras that track them as they swim.”

Such holistic measures have no doubted contributed to the high rate of national representation among its students; one in two students have represented Singapore at the youth level.

But the sports school is far from done, it is continually looking for more ways to help further develop their students in both the academic and sporting fronts.