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Team Singapore women's hockey team news

Round one of World Hockey League kicks off next Saturday

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The first round of the FIH World Hockey League will be played in Singapore from 9 April to 17 April at Seng Kang Hockey Stadium.

Both the men's and women's national teams will face off against regional rivals such as China and Thailand in the third edition of the 2016-2017 league.

The currently ranked world no. 38 men's team faces a stronger team in China, which has a world ranking of 19, but still stands a good chance of entering round two of the league as the next highest ranked team. 

Team Singapore women's hockey team

The Singapore women's team, which won the Bronze during the 2015 SEA Games, will be playing in the World Hockey League from 9 April to 17 April. Photo: Sport Singapore

Singapore's national women's team, now ranked 43rd, also face stronger opponents in Kazakhstan and Thailand as they compete to qualify for the second round.

The Thailand women's team, which won the 2015 SEA Games silver, has been especially highlighted as a threat due to the intensive training they have been going through.

Team Singapore women's hockey had previously only qualified for the second round, and are training hard to improve upon last year's result.

“From the start of the year until now, we have been improving quite a lot. We have been working on those technical and individual skills, and now we are just putting together everything,” said Team Singapore hockey player Tiffany Ong, who is participating in the upcoming tournament with her sister Jerelee Ong.

The World Hockey League will be hosted in Singapore for the second time next Saturday, and playing on home ground brings with it higher expectations, as well as a morale boost.

“You feel the need to do better because it is on your home ground, and you train here. The expectations are definitely more than when you play in other countries,” said the 19-year-old.

“It makes a lot of difference for us. How many of the countries that are coming here actually have support from their families.”

“Even when I am playing overseas, I want my family to be there but they can't.”

The World Hockey League will be taking place at Seng Kang Stadium from Saturday 9 April to 17 April. The men's team will play against Kazakhstan and the women's team will face Sri Lanka on the opening day.

2016 Hockey World League Round 1 playlist:


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