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Mighty technology

Mighty: The World's Only Streaming Music Player

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Ever wanted to listen to your streaming music application, but not bring your Smartphone along when out jogging or hiking? Meet Mighty, the world’s only portable streaming music player that operates without the need of having a constant mobile network connection or a Smart device nearby.


Music streaming mobile applications like Spotify or Guvera has been widely used for its convenience to listening music on-the-go, while also giving its users easy access to a wide library of music on-demand. But therein also lies a problem. For streaming music mobile applications, a Smart device is always needed in order to firstly access the mobile application and an active mobile network connection is needed as well.

Mighty is created for the active individual or those who would want to disconnect when they are at the gym, jogging or on a hike. Measuring just 3.81cm (1.5”) on all sides, 0.76cm (0.3”) thin, weighs just 17g (0.6 ounces), is capable of 5 hours of continuous playback and compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Being so small, Mighty attaches itself easily to your t-shirt, running shorts or even your bag strap without getting in the way of your exercise regime - similar to the Apple iPod Shuffle but with more wireless features. 


Operating the Mighty is simple and does not require any cables connecting it to any computer of sorts for syncing. With in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, the Mighty connects to your Smart device that your streaming music application is on. Download the playlist you would like to listen to on your Smart device, sync it to your Mighty which can hold up to 4GB worth of songs via the companion application and you are ready to go.

Aside from the pretty awesome line-up of features there are a two small issues, for Mighty to work you would need to have a paid music streaming membership and it currently only syncs with Spotify but looks to partner with others in the near future. Aside from that, Mighty does seem like a real solution to the pain of lugging your Smart device around when you want to disconnect from the virtual world. 


Availability and Price

Most of Mighty’s early bird specials have been wiped out so if you really want to get your hands on it, it is currently pledging for SG$109 (US$79) and shipping is an additional SG$40 (US$29) for most Asian countries including Singapore. Mighty is only available in one colour (Black/Lime Green) and orders for Mighty look to be shipping by November later this year.


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