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How Wearables Can Improve Our Running And Fitness If We Let Them technology

How wearables can improve our running and fitness if we let them

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How Wearables Can Improve Our Running And Fitness If We Let Them

Runners are a smart and motivated category of people. They are committed to their sport as a way to keep healthy, enjoy physical activity, avoid injuries (from the sport and in general), and if they are competitive, to improve their running times. Wearable technology has promised to help with some of these areas, but smarter wearables are coming to help close gaps that a research study discovered. 

So what if a smart wearable could enhance running knowledge, assess overall health, and help achieve fitness goals?

With a rapidly growing market for wearable devices, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston decided it was time to analyze devices that monitor or track, such as those made by Fitbit, Jawbone or Nike, to compare how each one helped to motivate the user. They did not want to simply track time, but to see if a wearable could change physical activity.

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