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GoPro developer program technology

GoPro announces new developer program that includes partnership with Polar

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GoPro developer program

In recent years, GoPro has become the world’s leading manufacturer of video cameras that can be used in extreme-action circumstances such as snowboarding, BMX, and scuba diving. In fact, GoPro’s role in the sports world has expanded to the point where nearly every sport has made or makes use of the company’s cameras due to their versatility and high resolution. But despite all of their amazing features and seemingly endless use, there are things that GoPro cameras cannot do — namely, analyze the videos that are recorded using them, and provide info such as distance travelled, speed, and more. 

Until now. By recently becoming part of the GoPro Developer Program, Polar — a leading wearable sports and fitness tech company — is set to introduce GoPro functionality into its V800, a GPS sports watch that can be worn for all of the activities that GoPros tend to be used for.

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