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Lizard Skins technology

From cycling to the MLB, this hi-tech tape is helping hitters get a grip

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Lizard Skins

Canadian Brad Barker, general manager of Utah-based Lizard Skins, shows off some of the company's grip tape on March 3, 2015. (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Nathan Denette)

In sports it is sometimes the smallest of modifications that wind up making the the biggest of differences — a tiny wrist adjustment can change everything for a basketball player, while a slightly altered diving form could improve a swimmer’s overall performance. And, as it would seem, simply adding a particular type of tape to the handle of a baseball bat can entirely reform the way a baseball player swings the bat, and thus how he hits.

While a handle innovation might not initially seem like something that would thoroughly revamp the way baseball stars make contact, Lizard Skins has learned that is actually the case.

Founded in 1993, Lizard Skins is a company that has always made its living off of products meant to enhance the cycling experience. Those products range from chainstay guards, meant to preserve a bike’s frame, to handlebar grips that greatly increase the traction between a cyclist’s hands and his or her bike. 

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