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Supermarinovation x2 Sport technology

Fly underwater with this gadget

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No, we really aren’t kidding about flying underwater. The Supermarinovation x2 Sport, is a wearable gadget that allows you to propel through water like Aquaman or a mermaid but without any physical effort. 

Supermarinovation x2 Sport
Image Credit: Supermarinovation

Simply put, the x2 Sport is made out of two Hydra thrusters that are to be worn on your forearms, and a control pack that ‘reads’ your movements and doubles up as a battery pack. The x2 Sport is built for those who love the water, especially for snorkelers. Since the Hydra thrusters do most of the work, you get to save that oxygen and stay underwater longer.

There really isn’t much technical learning in order to use this gadget, just strap the x2 Sport on your left and right forearms, carry the control pack on your shoulders, point your arms to where you want to go and you are set to fly under water! Analogue controls of the x2 are on its handle grip, which gives you the freedom to either go faster or on full throttle. 

Supermarinovation x2 Sport
Image Credit: Supermarinovation

One cool thing about the x2 Sport is that it does not only get you from point A to point B in a jiffy but, you can get to do tricks with it too. Spin, twist and roll your way in the water for as long as you can hold a breathe just like a mermaid with ease.

There are but just two small issues with Supermarinovation’s x2 Sport. Firstly, the only restriction is that the x2 Sport has a maximum operation safety depth of 10m before an alarm goes off. Secondly, as much as this would impress the boys at any pool party, it is by no means affordable with prices starting from a steep SG$3380 (US$2500). 

Supermarinovation x2 Sport
Image Credit: Supermarinovation

Technical Specifications

Speed: Up to 9.65km/h(6mph) 

Endurance: Up to 60 minutes 

Power: 2 x Thrusters (Left and Right) 

Weight: 5kg

Supermarinovation x2 Sport

Image Credit: Supermarinovation

Availability and Price

Supermarinovation’s x2 Sport is still not available on shelves just yet. Their crowdfunding campaign closed recently and was unable to meet its ultimate funding goal. However that does not mean that they will not be making a strong comeback, so keep your eyes peeled for its come back within the next couple of months.

Based on their previous crowdfunding campaign, they are priced at a slightly steep SG$3380 (US$2500) without shipping and are available in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange).


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