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fitpal technology

A holistic fitness wearable that actually sticks

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Perhaps of the only fitness wearable that is designed to not go on your wrist or ankle, in fact, it is so well designed no one would even notice you wearing it. FitPal is a slim adhesive fitness wearable that is worn stuck to your torso, so that you can carry on your daily activities without any bulky hindrance. 


Image: FitPal

This isn’t a regular Kickstarter project where a few bright minds come together to invent an awe-inspiring device. In fact, the minds behind FitPal which include doctors and scientists have been at the forefront of Heart Rate Monitoring Solutions for more than two decades prior to FitPal.

Unlike most of the fitness wearables currently in the market, FitPal runs on its own Heart Rate monitoring technology. Named Heart Rate Variability (HRV), it accurately measures the intervals between heartbeats, which help paint an accurate measure of one’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). By measuring the ANS which controls every organ in our body, positive or negative changes can be predicted before visible symptoms occur. Via its companion mobile application, users will be kept fully awake of their health trends and risks in real-time based on measurements from the ANS. 


Image: FitPal

Physically FitPal’s patch measures just 7.62 x 2.54 x 0.6 cm and weighs no more than a wrist accessory. It effectively measures, monitors and tracks your health with the help of a companion mobile application. Other features include Bluetooth, ECG capable, a 7 day battery life, 5 days worth of memory, waterproof and hypoallergenic thanks to the medical grade materials and sensors used.

Aside from the regular measurements, the FitPal is also able to detect and measure irregular heart rate, stress monitoring, biological age, heart rate and zones just to name a few. All measurements and digits will be converted into simple to read graphs and charts for easy reference on FitPal’s companion mobile application.

All in all the FitPal seems like a really neat fitness wearable to have with you. Only issue here is the recurring cost of the adhesive refills over the time that the FitPal is in use - which other fitness wearables do not incur. 


Image: FitPal

Availability and Price

FitPal is available for pre-order on their official site, priced at SG$268 (US$199.20) . Each order comes with the FitPal patch, adhesives (a pack of 40), a wireless charging station and access to the companion mobile application. Orders look to be fulfilled come November later this year.


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