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YodelUP technology

YodelTECH to release over-the-glove wearable for remote music and communication control

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Skiing or snowboarding can present a few interesting dilemmas with regards to technology. What if a skier is out with their friends and wants to communicate with them over the phone, say, to check up on their location? It’s a schlep for said skier to do all of this directly from their phone, as they would be forced to remove their glove and navigate their phone in exceptionally cold temperatures. And what if a snowboarder, who prefers to listen to music while cruising down a hill, decides mid-run that they are no longer a fan of the song they first picked? The snowboarder would face a dilemma similar to that of the skier. Moral of the story: operating a phone while partaking in snow sports is a problem that needs solving.

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