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Under Armour technology

Under Armour has begun consumer testing its 3D printed shoes

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Under Armour

Under Armour has announced that they are now launching a limited number of 3D printed training shoes for the everyday athlete. 

“Part of this is to be the first mover,” Chris Lindgren, Under Armor vice president of outdoor and training footwear, tells “A lot of competitors talk about it, but we like to get it done. We want to see what the consumer has to say.”

This is far from a full blown release for Under Armour. The sports apparel company will release just 96 (a tip of the hat to the company’s launch in 1996) pairs of the Architech 3D shoes. Lindgren also mentioned that through conversations with athletes they found out that athletes were switching between a stability shoe for weightlifting and an agility shoe for speed exercises during workouts. The goal was to look to produce a shoe that had the versatility to enable the athletes to not have to switch shoes to cater to specific workouts.

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