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Treatments for sore muscles

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Post-workout soreness happens to everybody, regardless of whether you’re just starting to exercise or a certified fitness buff. Soreness is in fact just our body’s natural reaction to unusual exertion.

Here, we explore various methods to help alleviate the ache in your muscles.   

Ice baths
Instead of jumping into bed immediately after a workout, try jumping into an ice bath instead. Cold baths have been found to significantly reduce muscle soreness and tissue swelling resulting from muscle breakdown. It also helps to decrease inflammation.

Heat it up
A heating pad or any other heat source applied to your muscles after a few hours can help to lessen the effects of your intense workout session the next day. Heat stimulates blood flow and will loosen up your sore muscles, speeding up the healing process. It also reduces muscle tightness, which can cause pain for most people.

Prepare pineapples or tart cherries
To encourage the healing process from within, try nibbling on some fresh pineapples or tart cherries after your workout. Pineapples contain the enzyme Bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory benefits comparable to those of anti-inflammatory medications. Tart cherries or tart cherry juice can also reduce inflammation significantly in your body.

Cold therapy
Taking an ice bath right after your workout, as mentioned above, can ward off muscle stiffness immediately after your workout, but in order to battle the soreness that sets in over the next few days, applying ice to the affected area can help. Icing decreases inflammation and swelling in sore muscles and joints, in addition to reducing blood flow to the area. Besides ice, a cold compress works just as effectively to relieve muscle pain.

Massage your muscles

Massages are great forms of treatments to relax your sore muscles and relieve tension. It reduces the production of compounds called cytokines, which contribute to inflammation. Bring along a foam roller the next time you workout, so you can give yourself a little massage after an intense session.
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