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The Proskida hi tech ski poles collect data to help improve performance on the slopes

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A Canadian company from the Yukon Territory is currently beta testing their new ski pole technology that hopes to give cross country skiers an edge when training and competing. Proskida, is currently comprised of six members, but the three man team that started the company have a passion for cross country skiing and wanted to use their technical backgrounds to design a product that would help fellow skiers. 

The ski poles they have created measure the power and efficiency of a user. Small electronic sensors are embedded in the grips of the poles to collect and record data, making them a bit bulkier than standard cross country ski poles. However, a top Canadian skier attests “they feel great once you start skiing.” The data collected ranges from metrics on upper body strength to techniques. Since Proskida started there have been a few different prototypes, and they have filed for patents as well.

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