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Sponsorship master classes to boost local sports scene

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The second series of sponsorship master classes organised by the Asian Sponsorship Association (ASA), supported by Sport Singapore and Singapore Workforce Development Agency culminated in The ASA Exchange where National Sports Associations (NSA) and other right owners got to try their hand at pitching to sponsors at the Sports Hub on Tuesday.

ASA exchange

Participants pitching to potential sponsors during the ASA Exchange. Photo: Sport Singapore

The ASA Exchange was a chance for participants to apply what they have learnt through the courses. It followed a “speed-dating” format whereby participants only have five minutes to bring their A game and pitch to potential sponsors.

Some participants had clearly made significant progress due to the sponsorship master classes as Managing Director of JK Technologies Eugene Ang said he was impressed by the quality of some of the pitches.

“For some of them, I am pleasantly surprised. They actually read about what we do and our company background,” said Ang, whose company also sponsored the recent Southeast Asian Games. 

Managing Director of JK Technologies Eugene Ang during the ASA Exchange. Photo: Sport Singapore

Managing Director of JK Technologies Eugene Ang during the ASA Exchange. Photo: Sport Singapore

“And they immediately told us their vision of their NSA and how our company JK can actually help them in very specific areas.”

“That is actually what we are looking for, rather than someone that just comes and say ‘I just want X amount of dollars and this is why I need it’.”

The series of sponsorship master classes taught participants how to seek out sponsors and the importance of creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Executive Director of Singapore Swimming Association Edwin Ker is one of the participants who had benefitted greatly from the master classes.

Whereas in the past, he and his team had tried to hard sell sponsors the advantages of working with them, they now have a more structure approach that keeps in mind the needs of the sponsor.

“It really reinforces some of the techniques that we should approach the sponsors with,” he said.

“One of my personal learnings is: why, how, what. You always start with first understanding why the sponsor is doing this.”

“Based on their why, then you can know how you can help them activate their sponsorship. What you must do to help them activate their sponsorship.”

“Since the course, whatever I do, whenever I approach sponsors, I start with the question of why.”


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