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TS Alumni sharing personal experiences for the next generation of active kids

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SKA alumni

Team Singapore alumni Canagasabai Kunalan (2nd from left) and Ganesan Elangovan (2nd from right) at the Smart Kids Asia event. Photo: Sport Singapore


In an effort to share how important it is for children to pick up sport from an early age, Team Singapore Alumni Ganesan Elangovan and national legend Canagasabai Kunalan, both former track and field athletes, were down at the Smart Kids Asia event last weekend to champion healthy living for young families.

There was a little something for both the young ones and the adults at the Expo event. While the physical activities kept the kids entertained, the adults themselves learnt about the value of an active life from a young age.

For Phyllis, who came down with her family of five on Friday, hearing the sharing session by former Team Singapore athlete Elangovan was especially helpful because she wants to get her son involved in more physical activities.


SKA Elangovan

Team Singapore alumni Ganesan Elangovan sharing the values of having good fundamentals. Photo: Sport Singapore

“My son is towards the overweight side so I want him to be more physical. Therefore I brought him to get him specially involved in some sports activities that would be beneficial and interesting,” the 32-year-old educator said.

“I did learn that six to 10 is a very crucial period when they learn to build up on their muscles. Actually different kids they grow up differently. Their body movements are different.”

“Six is the basic age for them to develop their strengths and all that so that towards the older age like above ten to 15, they will have proper balancing strengths.”

Elangovan had shared that six to 10 was a crucial age children should not miss so that they will have the choice to pursue whatever sport they wish to when they are older.

“When they are young, somewhere between six to 10, I want them to get involved and learn all these fundamental movements, in athletics especially,” he said.


SKA kids

Children practice movement skills and exercises at the Smart Kids Asia event. Photo: Sport Singapore

“So that eventually when they grow older, it doesn't matter if they want to do athletics or not, but they are well position to do any sport because they are already equipped with the fundamentals.”

Shane Bassett, who was there with his four-year-old son, felt inspired sitting in on C Kunalan's sharing session and seeing how active Kunalan was even at his senior age.

“It just goes to show that if you have this kind of attitude from a young age, you will be in very good health and physically fit when you get older,” the 46-year-old IT Project Manager said.

“The life activities that he has been doing through physical exercise, through sport, has enabled him to be very fit and healthy at this age.”

“He is an example for all of us, I'd say.”


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