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Paying it forward to the rugby community

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ytsa rugby clinic 04

Jay Hykel, Marah Moehammad, Coach and the SRU team with the Young Team Singapore Ambassadors after an eventful tag-rugby clinic. Photo: Sport Singapore


For many athletes, sport has changed their lives and developed them into well-disciplined, successful young adults.

And it is with this in mind that Team Singapore rugby players Jay-Hykel Jailani and Marah Moehammad Ishraf came down to Greenridge Secondary School on Saturday morning to help out in a Young Team Singapore Ambassadors (YTSA) Tag-Rugby Clinic.

“Rugby has given me a lot in terms of values of life and everything I learnt as a kid growing up is because of rugby. Discipline and all that,” said Jay.

“The few things that I learnt would definitely be discipline, teamwork, hard work over talent. If you put together hard work and determination, you can get through anything.”


ytsa rugby clinic 01

A Young Team Singapore Ambassador in action during training and drills. Photo: Sport Singapore


“At the same time, I hope the kids can just pick up a few things from us while having fun with their mates on a Saturday morning.”

Marah shares a similar mindset as he wants to give back to the sport and the community for all the things the sport has done for him so far.

“For me I think it’s good to give back to the community. I have been playing rugby for a long time and now since I have much more experience, it’s good to pass down my knowledge to the younger ones,” he said.

Rugby clinics such as this proved to be an invaluable experience for one of the young ambassadors, Marc Gerard as it taught him more technical skills and gave him the chance to meet some of the national rugby players he admired.

“I know some of them who have had suffered past injuries that could have stopped them from playing rugby, they did not stop but persevere, and now they are part of the national team,” the 15-year-old said.

“They are great inspiration to the younger ones who want to play rugby, especially myself.”


ytsa rugby clinic 03

Jay Hykel demonstrating a pass with a Young Team Singapore Ambassador. Photo: Sport Singapore


Ahead of the Southeast Asia 7s and the HSBC World Rugby 7s next month, Marah and his teammates have been training hard and hope to be in optimum condition for the regional competition.

“Our preparations are coming along well. We train twice a week and it’s very intensive so far, so we are looking to peak at the right time in the coming April,” Marah said.

He hopes Singaporeans will come down to watch the SEA 7s in mid-April and give them the same roaring support they had during last year’s SEA Games.

“I really hope that a lot of Singaporeans will come down and support us because it really means a lot to us,” he said.

“Especially during the last SEA Games, we really got a lot of boost and we were really hyped to play our very best in any game that we play.”



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