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Actrek technology

Meet the Einstein of fitness wearables

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Image Credit: Actrek

Perhaps one of the smartest fitness wearables in the world, Actrek has over 50 different features that can track exercise, sleep, coaching and even personal nutrition. Conventional fitness wearables are able to measure all the aforementioned activities but, none has actually been able to measure all of them at a go - which makes Actrek one of the most diverse all rounder wearable ever invented.

Actrek believes that sleep, exercise and nutrition when monitored together play a pivotal role in managing personal fitness and health more efficiently. It is reflected with its 50 over features that concentrate mainly on four segments, Sleep Quality and Snore Detection, Sports and Exercises, Fitness Index and Nutrition and Smart Fitness and Coaching. Some of which include ECG, heart rate, body temperature, snore stopper, GPS, power and intensity, body fat, hydration and muscle index just to name a few.


Image Credit: Actrek

Aside from just tracking your daily activities, nutrition and sleep quality to provide you with your progress, Actrek is able to convert that information into a chart that will match your behavior and overall fitness score with its Smart Fitness System through its companion mobile application. This chart is report that will give you insights to your current exercise regime and suggestions to make improvements in order to reach your personal goal.

Actrek might be a more techy as a fitness wearable than most are familiar with, but with over 50 different features that is able to track your lifestyle without disruption, Actrek also has a high price performance ratio. For those who have just hopped on the fitness bandwagon and are looking for a fitness wearable, Actrek’s features might be a little excessive and it would better to start off with a basic fitness wearable instead. 


Image Credit: Actrek

Availability and Price

Actrek is currently still not available on shelves but are seeking backers to make Actrek available to the masses. Early bird pledge kits consisting of one Actrek is still available, and going for SG$275 (US$199) including international shipping. It will be available in black and orders look set to be fulfilled later in September this year.


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