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SportCares football clinic news

Learning the moves through SportCares

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Girls from various community groups were treated to a football clinic organised by SportCares Foundation and supported by U.S. Embassy Singapore on Thursday.

SportCares football clinic

Aleksandar Duric with participants during the clinic. Photo: Sport Singapore

A total of 70 girls from various social groups participated in SportCares first ever all-girls football clinic, led by ActiveSG Football Academy Principal, Aleksandar Duric.  The clinic, which proved to be a great learning experience for the girls, was an important platform for them to pick up a lesson or two on personal empowerment and social integration.

Deputy Director of SportCares Foundation, Ms Laura Reid said the clinic was organised with the objective of inculcating the girls with skills and values like teamwork, communication and resilience that would be useful throughout their lives.

“Often the girls we deal with are very uncertain about who they are going to be as young women, and the one thing about sport that everybody can agree on, is that sport makes you strong,” she said.

“And physically strong girls grow up to become confident women. And that gift of confidence, you really can’t give a better gift to your daughter, your niece or your friend. That’s what we are trying to do.”

SportCares football clinic

Participants in action during the clinic. Photo: Sport Singapore

Duric, former national player and top scorer in the S. League for four years, said that sport has taught him invaluable life lessons and he hoped that he could pass on this knowledge and experience to the younger generation.

“Every sport and sportsmen are humble people, and on my side, it’s not any different. I grew up with the sport, and it taught me how to be disciplined, how to be on time, how to respect my team mates and the opponent.”

“Many things you learn in the family and the school, but nothing better than taking the sport to play, and you learn a lot of life skills through the sport.”

Above all, however, Duric hopes that he can be a shining example for the youth today.

“These girls know me, who I am. I try to be a role model for them. I try to give them, not only respect, but also support,” the 45-year-old said.

“That’s why I am here today to support them and share my experience as a football player, and give them some tips on how I used to train.”

“We all share the same thing – a love of football.”


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