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Exposing the truth about raw foods

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Raw foods are known for their many benefits, ranging from an ability to clear up allergies to boosting immunity. Including more raw food in your diet is undoubtedly good for your health.

However, before you go on a raw food diet or increase your raw food intake, it would be good to learn more about certain myths surrounding them.

Myth 1: Raw food only refers to raw fruits and vegetables
This is one of the biggest myths around and debunking this one is easy and tasty! Some of the other raw food choices include seeds, nuts, sprouted grains, dates, raw honey, and coconut milk.

Certain processed foods like vinegar, soy sauce, miso and cold-pressed raw oils also fall under the umbrella of raw foods. Additionally, you can try adding cacao and hemp oil to your meals to add even more flavor and variety.

Myth 2: Raw food is easier to digest than cooked food, as cooking destroys enzymes

Foods rich in starch, such as potatoes and rice, are easily digested when cooked, because heat degrades the crystalline structure of starch, thus making it more accessible to enzyme action in the digestive system.

Certain types of food may also contain toxins when raw, but become safe to eat after they have been cooked. As such, while many things can be eaten raw, there are some exceptions.

Myth 3: You need to eat raw food all of the time to get the benefits of a raw food diet.

Aside from being incredibly difficult to maintain, committing to eating raw food the entire time is not realistic. The good news is that any increase in raw food is going to benefit your health, so you will be able to reap the benefits of a nutrient-rich, unprocessed diet while still having the flexibility to include non-raw food in your meals.

Alternatively, you can commit to one or two raw meals per day and have cooked food for your other meals. This way, your intake is mostly raw but you won’t feel overwhelmed by a restricted diet.
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