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Oros technology

Beat the cold with the world's thinnest and warmest jacket

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This cold weather defender keeps you warm and snug even in the harshest cold, without having to layer long john over sweaters. Meet the new Oros Orion, a high performance range of apparels that include beanies, gloves, jackets and pants which will provide you with all the warmth you need without the bulk and weight.


If you have been on a winter holiday, the biggest issue is trying to stay warm and given that we are more accustomed to tropical weather, we tend to layer even more. When compared, Oros’ jackets are only 3mm thick but have the equivalent warmth of those puffy 40mm goose down jackets, which would make even the slimmest person you know look slightly on the heavy scale. 


You might find it difficult to believe that a thin and simple looking apparel like that will be able to keep you warm even when you are skiing from the top of a mountain or hiking up one, but it does. Oros’ secret to keeping warmth in without having to layer, is its clever use of a special material named SolarCore in its apparel.

SolarCore is made with Aerogel, which has one of the lowest thermal conductivity in the world and has super-insulating properties. This is the same material that NASA uses to insulate its multi-million dollar spacesuits and even its rovers during space expeditions. The result is a waterproof, windproof, flexible, lightweight material that has good absorbency and breathability, which makes OROS stand out from the rest. 


Availability and Pricing

Oros Orion’s full range of apparel is available on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, under their InDemand section which retails innovations that have already been funded. Prices range from SG$55 (US$40) for a beanie to SG$1,189 (US$860) for a duo combo of beanies, jackets and gloves. All prices include international shipping and will be fulfilled later in October this year.


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