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ActiveSG badminton news

ActiveSG badminton tournament injects competitive fun into sport

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An ActiveSG Badminton Series was held at Hougang Sports Hall on Saturday to help create an atmosphere of competitive fun among the badminton community and also to promote the sport within the grassroots.

ActiveSG badminton

A participant in action during the ActiveSG Badminton Series. Photo: Sport Singapore

As one of the 13 core sports Sport Singapore has identified, initiatives in badminton aim to make the sport a mainstay throughout people’s studying and working lives.

ActiveSG Chief Lai Chin Kwang said: “A reason for us to do this is also to build a pathway for them to continue this sport so that subsequently when they go into the workforce, they will still be playing leisurely.”

“And they will bring their families on board and their kids on board, bring their kids on board, and continue their sporting habits.”

The competition on Saturday was also organised to inject an element of competitive fun into the sport, so as to help encourage a long-lasting healthy lifestyle among youths and families.

“Through our experience, apart from allowing programmes to allow the youth to play for leisure and for fun, but after a while, the leisure and fun will not bring them anywhere if you do not organise competitions,” Chief Lai said.

“Because the competition allows them to train and compete at a different level with different people.”

“It is also an opportunity for them to know where they are in terms of their skillsets so that they can train to higher skillsets. With that, this will create a continual opportunity for them to continue the sport more regularly and more frequently.”

For Joy Lim, who won the gold medal in women’s singles category, she found the experience enjoyable and is looking forward to participate in more similar events in the future. 

ActiveSG badminton

Joy Lim in action during the ActiveSG Badminton Series. Photo: Sport Singapore

“[I came here to] Relax and just play some competition because for some time I have not joined any tournaments,” she said. 

ActiveSG badminton

Winners take a photo with ActiveSG Chief Lai Chin Kwang (second from left) after the event. Photo: Sport Singapore

There are also currently plans in the pipeline to set up an ActiveSG badminton academy, just like the ActiveSG Football Academy helmed by former national player Aleksandar Duric, which would hopefully encourage youths to pursue the sport.

“We will be, within the next one year, similarly like football, we are launching a badminton academy to bring about better opportunities to engage youths to join our programmes with proper coaching, and 'learn to play' programmes, so that they can build habits,” said Chief Lai.

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