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A healthy mind: Tips for managing stress from school

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Feeling the weight from different sources of stress from school can be overwhelming. Balancing assignments, tests, and co-curricular activities while looking to maintain a social life is a handful for anyone.

Here are some tips to help with school stress:

Tip #1: Divide your tasks and take them one step at a time
Facing a huge project head-on can be a daunting task. To make it more manageable, it would be wise to scale down your work into bite-sized portions that you can handle, to make your task seem less intimidating. Begin by listing the individual steps that will lead to its completion. This way, a monster of a project is transformed into little ones that you can take on each day.
Tip #2: Don't procrastinate
No matter how tempting it may be, procrastination is not the way to go. To fight against this problem, set up a calendar to include deadlines, project meetings, additional extracurricular activities and anything else that will help you to prioritize and organize your tasks.

Prioritizing helps to decrease the amount of anxiety in your daily life and having a schedule allows you to work backwards from each deadline and keep up with your assignments. This will prevent your responsibilities from snowballing into a giant ball of stress.

Tip #3: Take a break from the stressor
Sometimes, no matter how organized or timely you are with your assignments, the presence of stress remains. When that happens, allow yourself to take a break from your studies. Do something entirely different to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #4: Get a good night’s sleep

With deadlines and exams looming, students tend to opt for less sleep. However, if you choose to stay up all night studying or finishing that report due next week, you will find yourself more anxious and this will add to the stress you’re facing.

Instead, make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night, so you’ll be more relaxed and energetic, in order to focus better the next day.
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